Ocoee Ziplines is the most professional and fun adventure zipline canopy tour in the Eastern United States.  Located in the heart of the Cherokee National Forest, Ocoee Ziplines has beautiful views of Southern Pine Forests and is located on 10 spacious mountain acres. You can combine your trips to Ocoee Ziplines with a Ocoee whitewater rafting trip with Raft One on any of these 3 sections of the river.  Our trained guides will take you on the adventures that make your families trip to the mountains a life long memory.   
          Raft One and Ocoee Zip lines is located just 15 minutes from Blue Ridge GA, 1.5 Hours from Atlanta, and 1.25 hours from Chattanooga.  The perfect location and setting for a beautiful canopy tour and adventure Zipline course.

Our Ocoee Ziplines and Canopy Tour Guides

Jared Jordan

Coming from Walla Walla Washington, Jared started an internship with Ocoee Ziplines and now has a degree in outdoor leadership.  Leading Zipline Canopy Tour trips is a passion that he possesses more than just about anything else.

Danny Carrera

Originally from Quito Ecuador, Danny started an outdoor adventures profession at an early age.  Danny says that the best part of the trips he leads is getting to know everyone.  He also has guided rafts in 4 different countries and on many different rivers.

Mike McCamant

Also known as "Blue Ridge,"  Mike can be  found at the gym, swinging from trees, or surfing up Humongous on the Upper Ocoee!  Being a fresh graduate with a Bachelors Degree, Mike decided to spend a season on the mountain teaching ski lessons and spends his summers ziplining and rafting here at Ocoee Ziplines.  

Meleah Brown

Also know as Malaylay, Meleah started her first season in 2011 at Ocoee Ziplines.  Also, she has taken on the art of Karate. 

Gavin Shelton

Also known as Gavin (not everyone gets great nicknames) is a high flying ball of smiles!  Anytime of the day you can be entertained by his jokes and wonderful since of humor.  Gavin is from AZ and started his first season with Ocoee Ziplines in 2011.  Being from AZ, he learned to climb on Cactus!